Are you looking for a new place to get away? Seeking a pristine white beach that is so relaxing you don’t have to worry about a thing? Then perhaps you’d like to visit Thailand. From pristine white beaches that aren’t crowded to the wondrous foods of the area you’re sure to find that relaxation greets you at your every turn. You won’t want to go back home once you’ve been on this vacation. If you’re still unsure of your visit, here are 8 reasons to visit Thailand that you won’t want to miss.

If you’re a Leonardo Dicaprio fan, you can visit Ko Phi Phi Le Island. This is where “The Beach” movie was filmed.

As an uninhabited island, it has a lot to offer you including white sandy beaches, fascinating cliffs as well as breathtaking crystal blue water. You’ll wonder if you’re dreaming.

Your money is worth more in Thailand.

You’ll be able to afford plenty of clothes, food and wonderful hotels when you visit here. Unlike the United States, you’ll be paying the equivalent of half price and you’ll find many meals for a dollar.

Thailand people will welcome you and they are very friendly.

There’s a reason that they call Thailand the “land of Smiles”. Natives are kind and nice and always glad to help you find your way if you’re lost. They welcome you as a tourist without bothering you.

You’re going to love eating authentic Thai food!

If you think you’ve had Thai food before, think again, nothing beats eating Thai food in Thailand. It’s delicious and affordable and you’ll want to go back time and again just for the food. You’ll find many options and depending upon where you dine you may even be able to select your own crab or lobster right from the tank. The locals will gladly recommend a place for you if you’re not sure where to eat. However, remember their idea of food is spicy so if you’re not into spicy, order everything mild.