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Koh Samui Outdoor Adventure

In the past twenty years, Koh Samui, the third largest island of Thailand, grew from a quiet agricultural based life into one of the hottest tourism spots in the country, especially for outdoor adventures. One visit to this amazing island is all you need to see why it has become immensely popular with people seeking a place to escape the every day. From picture perfect beaches to fantastic jungle excursions to water sports, Koh Samui has it all.

With such lush beaches, water sports are among the most popular things to do when vacationing in Ko Samui. From snorkeling and diving, to a more laid back activities, like fishing and sunbathing, beach lovers of all types can find what they want on these beautiful white sandy beaches. Even the avid boating enthusiast can find a way to go out and enjoy the Gulf of Thailand.

Of course with so much natural beauty and the crystal clear water, Koh Samui offers water lovers a wealth of beauty to explore. You can take a day long snorkeling cruise to make sure to hit all of the hottest snorkeling spots. For scuba divers, there are many different packages available for going out with scuba diving groups. If you prefer a more individual experience, there are many locations where you are free to explore your way.

On days when you want to kick back and relax, our resort is located along a picture perfect beach. This gives you the opportunity to take a day off from the exhilarating outdoor adventures. and recharge your battery. Splash around in the crystal clear water, or sit back and catch some fish. There are also fishing tours if you want to get out but still want to keep it low key.

If sandy beaches are not what you have in mind, you can experience Ang Thong National Marine Park on a kayaking tour. A cluster of islands near Koh Samui contains this fabulous national park. If you want to truly unique experience, schedule a sea kayaking tour to go sightseeing in a way that you can talk about for hours when you return home. You will go around the island before landing and taking in the sights of the rain forest.

For those wishing to remain on the island, prepare to travel on a fantastic jungle excursion located right in the middle of the island. Ride in a jeep to maximizes the amount you get to see. If you prefer to hike around the island, be prepared to be amazed by the number of gorgeous waterfalls that are within relatively easy hiking distance.

For one of the most unique experiences that you will not find in most other vacation spots, schedule an amazing elephant ride. Spend half an hour trekking through some of the island’s densest jungles on the back of an elephant. Of course you will want to have a photograph to show your friends and family when you return home or to display as your screensaver as a reminder of your fabulous outdoor adventures.

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