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Best Beaches in Koh Samui

Most holidaymakers choose to visit Koh Samui for its famed beaches. Boasting clean white sand, translucent warm water and soothing sea breezes, the best beaches in Koh Samui are almost impossible to leave. The majority of the island was originally used as a coconut plantation. Since tourism took off in the 70s, the island has divided itself according to individual beaches – each with its own personality and attractions.

The most well-known, and subsequently well-developed, beach is Chaweng. The seven km of fine white sand is truly stunning and it’s a great place to find any type of accommodation – from backpacker’s huts to top-of-the-range hotels. On the downside, the beach can get a little crowded during high season.

After Chaweng, Lamai beach is the island’s second largest resort area. It is a little quieter and laid back, but not much. The tourist facilities are designed to cater for every taste and the beach is of a quality comparable to Chaweng.

Mae Nan Bay beach can be found on the northern tip of the island. It is particularly popular during the island’s winter months due to its being relatively sheltered from the prevailing winds. Outside of this time it is relaxed and free of bustle. The beach is comprised of course yellow sand and is narrow and long – perfect of romantic walks in the evening.

Nearby, on the northeast of the island, lies Bo Phut Beach. It’s a couple of kilometers long and gently slopes down from the line of coconut trees to the seashore. The sand is yellow and slightly coarse in texture. The Bo Phut Resort areas stretch along the length of the beach and are dotted with restaurants and bars.

Those looking for an idealised Thai beach won’t be disappointed with Choeng Mon beach. Curving around in a long, thin crescent, the beach has fine golden sand and calm, aquamarine water. The palm trees that grow right up to the water’s edge complete the scene and secure its status as one of the best beaches in Koh Samui.

Named after the Big Buddha statue that watches over it, Big Buddha beach is a favourite among holidaymakers of all nationalities. It is sheltered but can be accessed from a variety of places. The beach is surrounded by picturesque palm trees and is made from fairly coarse yellow sand. While the water is certainly warm enough to swim in, the beach drops off fairly steeply at low water so is best avoided by non-swimmers.

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